June 5, 2023

Australian Visa and Immigration Consultant

Whether you need an Australian Visa or you simply want to talk to an expert Australian Immigration Consultant Alberta Miculan can help you.

However, this site is currently inactive. Alberta is still working in immigration.  Alberta is one of the Directors of, Migration Ways. Click here to go the Migration Ways web site now in order to get in touch with Alberta.

For entry to Australia, there are numerous Australian visa categories that are designed to accommodate different skills, employment backgrounds and family relationships. To assess if you meet the relevant Australian visa criteria set by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, can be a complex and laborious process. Whether you are a skilled professional investigating the Australian job market, a producer scouting Australia as a film location, a business owner planning to establish an enterprise in Australia, a family member wanting to sponsor your family to immigrate to Australia, or a retiree wishing to retire in Australia, Alberta Miculan, former Senior Immigration Officer at the Australian Department of Immigration in Los Angeles, can assist in determining the best Australian visa category for you. We offer a very personalized and accessible visa service to assist you with the multitude of steps involved in obtaining your entry visa for Australia in a smooth and timely manner.

If you wish to use our Migration Agents in Melbourne, Australia, please visit our Migration Ways web site.